How it started..

When you install certain software, some spyware could be installed additionally. In the case of gator it is quite annoying, when using IE, there always come popupwindows with ads in it. When you kill the processes GMT.exe and CMESys.exe, this behavior is stopped. However, it is quite annoying to do this every time by hand. So that's why I wrote this little program to kill these processes. This way, you don't have to deinstall it, so you can keep on using your software who installed the spyware, just kill the processes when you don't use the soft. If you don't use the soft for a long time, you can make a shortcut to your autorun or startup folder so it executes everytime you reboot your system.

I know there exists adaware software to remove these processes, but here we like to focus on killing it rather then removing it :) And of course, this app is just a specific case of the general program which has probably more use =)



Download the GAIN specific kill prog.
Download the general kill prog.


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