A couple of weeks ago, I was testing Mandrake 9.1, on recommendation of my brother. I must admit, I quite like it :) There was one thing I really missed though..
When testing things out, it turned out I needed to do a lot of filesearches. Normally I use locate (=slocate) in a console. But I would like to be able to do as much as possible from the gui. I tried KFind a couple of times which is included in KDE, but this is really a bummer since it scans my harddisk every time again (windows style find). What I wanted, was the interface of KFind with the speed of slocate.
Since I already have some Qt experience under Windows, I thought, why not try a quick shot at a linux gui. I tried KDevelop, but this seemed to make a mess with a lot of files that got created for such a small project, a bit overkill it seemed. So I just wrote everything in Kate and compiled at the prompt :) I was surprised: in less than an hour I had my application running. This is only a basic version now, but I intend to expand it later on.




There is an install script needed which I didn't create yet :) So the util is not for download yet.


Version 0.01 (17th October 2003)
- First release: find a file and update the locate db


You can contact me at matti3[at]yucom[dot]be

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