Mattie's Away System



"Matties Away System" (MAS) is an away script for mirc.
You can download it here (Right click on it and save to your harddisk). You could save it to your mirc dir to easily find it when you need it in mirc.


In mirc, you install the script by going to the remote. You can do this by either 

1) press alt-R or
2) go to the tools menu , then click on remote or
3) press the 7th button in the toolbar (the one with CE on it) or

In the remote go to the file menu en click load->script. Locate the script file on your harddisk and open it. Then just follow the onscreen instructions. That's it. Enjoy! :-)

NOTE : some virusscanners might alert you that the scriptfile contains a virus. This is not true.

Here is the help like it is included in the script : 

by default the commands are associated to the following keys
F1 : view awaystatus
F2 : normal away/return , message in all channels
F3 : private away/return , message only in currently selected channel
F4 : silent away/return , no message

if someone calls your nick while you are away, he/she gets noticed of your awayreason
if that person also uses matway, he/she can doubleclick on (MAS) to notice you you're (still) away

if you want to assign different keys to the commands, here are the aliases :
- matwaystatus
- defaultmatway
- privatematway
- silentmatway

if you want to customize the looks of the awayscript, you should edit the
following variables :
matway.awaymsg1 : first part of awaymsg
matway.awaymsg2 : second part of awaymsg
matway.backmsg1 : first part of backmsg
matway.backmsg2 : second part of backmsg
matway.backmsg3 : third part of backmsg
matway.notice1 : noticemsg
matway.notice2 : noticemsg
matway.notice3 : noticemsg

it is recommended that you don't use the alternate nick option


version 1.0
- basic away
- optional away nick

version 1.01
- private away (echo in active channel)
- silent away (no echo in channels)

version 1.1
- notice to user when being called while you're away
- control awaysys via menusystem
- reset command
- more robust code
- some slaps added to nick popup
- MAS hotlink

version 1.11
- help
- statusviewer
- autoassign keys to commands (F1,F2,F3,F4)

version 1.12
- history in context menu
- notify someone when he's away but he's actually not ;-)

version 1.13 (20/02/2002)
- cleaner code, easier to modify
- more customizable (awaymsg guessnotawaymsg returnmsg noticemsg)
- when silently returning, you also see your awaytime
- remark : when resetting, your customizationstrings won't be reset
- supports 3 builtin 'themes' : default, pitter, mattie

version 1.13a
- don't remember =)

version 1.14 (05/03/2003)
- vars are saved to disk when modified, prevents 'weird' behavior when mirc is not shut down cleanly
- added the english theme
- modified mattie's theme