Normalize is a handy util written by Manuel Kasper, which normalizes PCM wave files. I wanted to be able to amplify a group of wavefiles, such that the dynamics between the files was kept. For example, you have to normalize 2 tracks, a silent and a loud one, after group-normalizing, these tracks stay silent and loud relatively to each other. So I went to the normalize site and noticed the source was online, so I changed to code a bit to support this feature. Now you can also give mutiple files as arguments to the program. On the site, I saw there would be a gui available, but when I visited the site, I saw it was in French only, so I pulled out ;) So then I decided to make a gui, also as an exercise in learning Qt.




You can download the gui and new version of the tool here.


Command-line tool (based on v0.25)

Version 0.25+g (25th march 2003)
- added handling of multifile input
- added group normalization


Version 0.01 (27th march 2003)
- first gui with (some) functional behavior :)
- the tool gets called in a platform-independent way, porting to 
  linux shouldn't be much of a problem (in case normalize itself 
  ever gets ported..).


You can contact me at matti3[at]yucom[dot]be