Some people love to send html mail, even when it's not necessary. In my opinion, a annoying thing about htmlmail, is that it's quite difficult to reply to it in a decent way, because most emailclients currently available, don't offer a way to write comments in the middle of a htmlmail.
That's why I wrote this little tool. You just copy the mail you want to reply to on the clipboard, switch to the tool, press the reply button. Switch back to your favorite mailclient, push replybutton, but erase all contents, then paste the generated reply (by the tool) into this mail. It works for me :)
You may wonder why I wrote this app in visual basic. Well, it had been a while since I programmed something in VB, so I was in the mood. :)

Update (24th april 2003)
Today I got so annoyed that I haven't implemented the linewrap function yet, that I started programming it instantly. However, I tried to search the VB docs for some function but didn't find it anywhere, so I got so irritated that I promptly started remaking the app with C++/Qt. =) Now it rules ;)


Here is a screenshot of the program in action :)
screenshot of replytool
Notice the ?-button, which provides some help for usage.


You can download the tool here (zipfile with qt dll).
If you only want the exe, get it here.
You can download the old VB version here.


Version 0.2 (24th april 2003)
- ported to c++/Qt
- added configurable linewrap

Version 0.1 (6th november 2002)
- first usable version


contact me at matti3[at]yucom[dot]be