The only thing this tool does, is open an url specified on the clipboard with internet explorer. This might seem a silly thing, but if you're an opera user, this could come in handy from time to time ;) (although these occasions become less and less with each new release of Opera!). I locate internet explorer by getting the system dir to get the system drive, then I append /program files/internet explorer/iexplore.exe. I don't know if this is good practise and whether there exists a better way to do it. Suggestions are welcome. 

30 may 2003 Update
On the general Opera forum I found out that my program isn't needed anymore if you're using Opera 7! Non-troppo showed me it can be done, just be tweaking an ini-file! You can find a detailed explanation on his Opera wiki. In any case, whether you're new or old to Opera, his site is a must-read. ;)
So now my program is kinda superfluous. However, just before I was going to shred it, non-troppo pointed out to me it could still be useful to Opera 6.x users and Mozilla users (for example). ;)
In the future, it is possible that I add the possibility to configure the program to be executed, so that you can also use it for other browsers. Again, only useful in older versions of Opera.. I believe older versions of Opera should still be supported since some users don't switch to O7 yet because of the "immature" mail client.


I managed to find at least 1 feature =)

But maybe, it is useful to mention why I developed this program and did not just use an existing tool like Optool. Well, Optool is a very good tool, but it provides too much features. :) I wanted a lightweight program which preferably did not stay resident in memory. So that's why I made this silly little program which does almost nothing. ;)

Installation and usage

Since most people just skip install notes when using an install wizard, I copied the information here ;)
this install will unpack the runIE.exe file in the 
directory you specify and place a shortcut on your 
desktop. This way you can specify a shortkey to 
the tool (so the shortcut on your desktop is obligatory).
You can specify a shortkey by rightclicking on the 
shortcut, look under the shortcuttab, the field 
just under "start in"
Then, when you're browsing and you encounter a page which is not correctly displayed, you can copy the link address to the clipboard and use the shortcut you assigned to runIE.
In opera you can copy the url by rightclicking (on a hyperlink or everywhere in the page if you want the current page) and then select "copy link address".
I hope it's a bit clear. ;)


You can download runIE here(self-extracting rarfile).


Version 0.01 (9th april 2003)
- first release


You can contact me at matti3[at]yucom[dot]be