Flashy web

we just can’t deny it. ShockWave Flash is a well established web technology. I am really not an expert in web development, but I’ve always had some reservations towards Flash. Maybe because I’ve never been a great MacroMedia fan ;). I always had the impression that Flash development was reserved for the people who were willing to buy the right MacroMedia tools (or for people who don’t know how to design a site properly ;)). Peter enlightened me this is not the case anymore :).
Although I’m still not a huge fan of sites which (ab)use Flash in any imaginable way, I might consider it myself when appropriate, now that I know it is possible to build something using purely OSS. It seems the open source player has also been revived.
Still, it’s a proprietary file format, owned by a single company. I hope there comes a good alternative in the future, as it seems SVG can’t compete right now (interesting comparison, unfinished).

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