Project announcement: UZLGastennetLogin

One month ago, I bought an android smartphone and a few days later my first app was born: UZLGastennetLogin! =)

Note: This app is only useful to people working at or visiting the University Hospitals Leuven.

At UZLeuven we have a separate network to provide internet access to alien/untrusted devices: patient, visitor or external company laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. You need a personal access code to access this network though. When you are not logged in, any website you try to access, redirects you to a login portal.

There are 2 problems using this network on a smartphone:

  • Not all smartphone browsers can display the login page properly, so it is impossible to access the internet.
  • Every time you turn off your wifi (to save battery) or loose signal (very likely in an elevator), you have to relogin, which is quite time-consuming.

This is where the app will come in handy:

  • Detect network changes (without polling)
  • When UZLeuven guest network is detected, check whether we are logged in, if not login in the background using preconfigured credentials.
  • Indicate current state through a widget.

The first version of the app allows only manual login, but it already saves you from using the webinterface and re-entering your credentials over and over again. Today, I published it on the market.

Available in Android Market

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