KDE apps

ehrm, today I got the silly idea to run through all kde apps releases at kde-apps.org released in 2006… There were more than I anticipated! 😉 (around 850)

A few weeks ago, I started to compile a list of linux alternatives for all important windows applications I use in daily routine. Since KDE is my favorite desktop environment, kde-apps.org was a nice source of information. Most of the apps I’ve already heard of, but it was just a matter of writing it down once, in order not to forget and possibly be useful to migrating people.
Since I’m on windows right now, I’ll wait to publish the list until I have verified and tested all apps. Since there are some new ones, their quality still has to be proven. 😉 Also I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be better to only post these I finally actually use in the end. 🙂 but that would delay the whole thing a lot, since this can only be decided after a lot of testing — dilemma.. 😉

A few years ago, I tried to make a similar list and concluded I just wasn’t ready for linux due to the lack of a lot of GUI tools I’m used to in windows. Today, I’m pleased to see the situation has a lot changed! The only programs left I had trouble to find alternatives for, were TCPview and filemon, 2 monitoring tools for network connections and file access respectively. Still, I found an interesting blog post about network connection monitoring. So I might wanna try something out myself. 😉
As far as file monitoring is concerned, the case seems a bit harder, but not impossible. 😉