Telemeter plasmoid update

This week I’ve been plasmafying my telemeter widget. I’m documenting the stuff I learn along the way in my personal page over at the kde community wiki.

Here’s a first screenshot of the plasmoid in action in its natural habitat:

Telemeter plasmoid

Notice the change in looks (ditched the qneedleindicator in favor of a native plasmoid widget Plasma::Meter). I’ll do a blog post later to detail the changes. It shows a fetch error as it accesses the webservice with invalid credentials.

Tip of the day: boot your computer using keyboard

About a year ago, I assembled a new main rig. I put (almost) all hard drives I had into it with the idea to make a “global backup”. This meant I had to leave my super-silencing case open until the backup was done. However, a year later, I’m still “in the process”. 😉


Since I also removed my front panel for some eSata modding, I have to turn my computer on using a pointy device aka “nail” (on the corner of the white table above). After doing that for a year, every day, knowing that my motherboard supports booting by key stroke, I decided to turn that feature on yesterday. Pressing spacebar boots my computer now. You should try it too, you’ll be surprised how much satisfaction it gives. 🙂