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Thanks for using ADB over Ethernet. If you like this app, please vote on the play store. You can navigate this page with an Android TV dpad: press up/down to scroll, use left/right to switch between scroll mode and link mode. Press the center button to follow a link in link mode.


This app makes it easier to enable ADB over ethernet on Android TV:

  1. Detects the currently active network interface to provide correct ip to user.
  2. Allows D-pad navigation with clear button focus
  3. Available in play store

I explained in more words in this blog post.


Your device must be rooted. The app will try to detect whether this is the case.


  1. Start app. If your device is not rooted, it will show a message “Root is required to use this app.” and the buttons will be disabled. Otherwise, it will show the detected IP address. Don’t forget to grant the app root access.
  2. On your desktop computer, run the command “adb connect <ip>” and replace with the ip shown.
  3. On the android device, if you haven’t done this before, you will get a prompt where you have to allow USB debugging for the connecting computer.


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8 thoughts on “ADB over Ethernet Help”

  1. Do U have any links on rooting an android tv, namely sony bravia 4k 2015. Also aware of a better browser than Android Opera, doesn’t even support flash. Tnx, John

    1. Hi John,
      i only have experience rooting the Nexus Player.. I did a quick google and indeed, the sony bravia does not seem to have been rooted up until now…
      About the web browser: I agree, there currently does not exist a good android tv app for that.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  2. HA0L0SZU tab2 A10-30 Lenovo
    Questo è il Tab che ho acquistato, vorrei collegarlo in ufficio col cavo ethernet per ragioni tecniche, ho trovato il connettore adattatore, ma non riesce a collegarsi in internet senza il wifi.
    Potete dirmi se questo modello ė compatibile con gli adattatori per rete LAN?

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