Half-life 2. Finally.

yes, I know my hardware is not the most recent, but so is Half-life 2. Yet, it seems I won’t manage to play it although I finally bought it! 🙂 Have a look at the following nice free disk space requirements..:
Orange box disk space requirements
/me faints 😉

even when I only want to install Portal (which I wanted to try out badly), I still need 6260 MB !!?? what have they done with that game?! it looked so nice and small (and I heard play time was not that much either ;))

Guess I’ll do have to buy that extra disk first now!

Btw, I bought it through steam, but got almost zero price benefit (given that the dollar is quite weak now) over a boxed version here in Belgium. Still, I wanted to try it and I wanted to play _now_ 😉 (I guess, after hours of downloading ;))

Essential Kate tweak

If you like opening all your documents in a single instance of Kate, replace the command line “kate %U” used in KDE’s file binding by “kate -u %U”. This is actually quite well documented in Kate’s manpage as well as on the faq on the homepage, yet somehow I thought it is useful to note this one down as it is not accessible from the GUI.

You can find KDE’s file bindings here: control center > KDE components -> file associations. From then on, every file you like to open with kate through the context menu will use those settings, even when it’s not a txt.