openSUSE fan

I have these linux habits which are hard to control and recently I discovered a new one while working on my windows box at work.

You know you’re a

  • linux fan when you type ‘ls’ every time you mean ‘dir’
  • KDE/KWin fan when you try moving/resizing windows with the alt+mouse buttons
  • and now, here it comes.. 😉

  • openSUSE fan when you type ‘net suse’ instead of ‘net use’

I needed 3 tries before I got it right! 🙂

4GB tuning

By default, on a 4GB 32-bit system, windows only gives 2GB to the application. To increase the amount of total user virtual address space, edit your boot.ini and include the /3GB option. With the /USERVA you can tweak the amount between 2 and 3 gigabyte. So you can not allocate more than 3GB for applications.

Furthermore, you must relink your application with the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE option to make use of this ‘4GT’ feature. You can also modify an existing binary by using editbin.

source: MSDN