iTunes on linux

Read the update below!

I hate to admit it: today I created an iTunes store account. In my defense, I felt forced, as the CD I wanted to buy was only available as a physical CD and not in digital download form. It will probably become available in digital form in a year or so, but who wants to buy a 2010 compilation CD in 2012? 😉 And who wants a jewel case CD which you have to rip anyway to have any use of it (besides gathering dust).

So today, once again, I gave installing iTunes on linux another try. I followed the google #1 guide which suggested to install an old version (7.2). Unfortunately, when you go to the store, it says it can’t connect or that the service is temporarily down or something. So I thought, wine updates every 5 breaths, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually runs the latest version. Store connection works indeed in iTunes 10! I created a login from within iTunes, made a test purchase, and yes, we have lift off. 🙂 I can see how iTunes is such a success. Just type in the search box, click and a few seconds later you have a high quality drm free mp4/AAC on your harddrive. Very tempting indeed. And the excellent recommendation system only encourages too of course.
A guide for converting to mp3 (or wave) from within iTunes can be found here. I don’t need that on the desktop, .m4a plays back fine, but my car lofi radio only plays mp3/wma.

I’m still a bit confused as to why the CD is only downloadable from iTunes and not form the publisher’s webshop. I guess they have an exclusive deal with Apple to only release the downloads after some time..

Update: The next morning I arrived at work and installed iTunes to download my newly purchased album. Surprise, surprise! iTunes does not allow one to redownload a purchased song!! It’s insanely unbelievable in this time and age, but yes, it is impossible right now. I guess most people don’t know any other way, but for a lot of gamers who use steam, it is the most ordinary thing to do.