BSG news flash

I was just having another look at the airing start date for Battlestar Gallactica season four and was pleased to finally see some lift-off. 🙂 But I made another shocking discovery: it seems prior to season 3 (which I am watching right now), there was a series of official short webisodes filling in the gap between season 2 and 3! Not that nothing major happens there, but you know, it’s scary to know you would actually have missed a second of battlestar’s gallacticness. 😉

Anyway, of course, when you want to view this outside of US of A, you get a nice message telling you it’s not allowed. Luckily, we can always count on a few friendly americans to share all the goodness. 🙂

Awareness test


I’m not exactly a WordPress fan although, yes, you noticed right, this blog runs on it. 🙂 I’ve been experimenting with (and implementing) Drupal for a while now and believe it is my web platform / framework of choice, no doubt. If I would ever upgrade / reimplement my blog, it will be Drupal. Although, maybe I would not recommend it to a newbie. It remains a fact that WordPress “just works” out of the box for blogging as it was targeted for that job from the beginning (although Drupal should improve on that issue by grace of install profiles). So, if you just want to blog, wordpress is still a valid alternative and with its latest incarnation (v2.5) there’s even more charm added too it. See it for yourself.

PS: it seems my own wordpress coppermine gallery plugin is now officially deprecated 🙂 I never took time to write something up, so I should probably even better refrain from it now 😉

The Pii Pii Brothers

Straight from the ThinkGeek news letter, ROFL!

Amazing Virtual Pee Experience from Japan

Normally ThinkGeek doesn’t carry video games, but we were so blown-away by Super Pii Pii Brothers that we immediately got our trusted Japanese importer on the phone and arranged to bring over a limited quantity of this amazing Wii game. Prepare yourself by strapping on the included belt harness and jacking in your Wiimote. Get as much pee in the onscreen toilets as you can while spilling as little on the floor as possible. Super Pii Pii Brothers promotes good bathroom skills and allows women to experience for the first time the pleasure of urinating while standing.