DIY old timer: Le Patron

Last weekend, I ran into an old pal from high school (Kenny Butstraen) and guess what: he’s building cars! Up until recently, he was mainly focussed on building Le Patron: a kit car based on a Citroen 2CV chassis. Last year, with this car, he was the youngest distributor at the largest car expo in Belgium. For Dutch reading people, there’s an interesting article by HLN.

Le Patron Le Patron

But his real passion is in building authentic replica’s or models of special vehicles, for example, for use in war movies. At least, that’s what I understood from the very short talk I had (we met in a DIY shop just before closing hour ;)) and what I find on the website 🙂

sdkfz1.jpg sdkfz2.jpg

Very interesting stuff! I’ll try to meet up with him and hope to get back to you with more pics from his work place! 🙂

Google Reader shared items

A few months ago I started sharing items through google reader. It saves a lot of time if you just want to share some link you obtained through some rss feed, so you don’t need to create a post for that.

Tonight I noticed Google launched some kind of integration layer for that. So from now on, you can see my recent shared items in the sidebar. 🙂 It looks like the “read more” link actually provides a separate RSS feed which you can subscribe on if you don’t use Google Reader.

Post test…

I just posted something and somehow, it doesn’t show up on the front page… There is no draft anymore. One moment I thought another post was lost. 😉 Until I found it back in the database. Some people are complaining about new posts not showing up immediately, but no one has investigated the matter thoroughly… I hope I don’t have a similar problem. 😉

UPDATE: It seems somehow, when publishing the draft, the timestamp didn’t get updated *rolling eyes* 😉


For some time already, I felt the need to share my little techy things with the world from time to time. Now it has finally happened: the conception of matties blog.
In this blog, I plan to share some daily ‘techy’ rants. Things I’m surprised of, things I want everyone to know (because they should ;)), things that really frustrated me, things I put together… As a side effect, I have a log for myself to find things back later 😉

Hope you Enjoy