Git: how to tag old commit

Another noob git tip. Tagging with git is easy and I won’t duplicate another explanation here. But suppose you want to tag a commit which you already pushed to another repo. When you push, nothing happens. I had tagged before, so I thought the problem was that I wanted to tag a commit which I already pushed.

But the trick to know here is: push simply does not push tags by default. You have to specify an option. So any tag you would want to share, on your last commit or any other commit, you would have to push explicitly:

git push origin <mytag>

or if you’d want to sync all tags in one go:

git push --tags origin

So, the title of this blog post was actually a trick question 😉

Win7RCAutoShutdownAlarm v0.2

Today I finally discovered why there always remained some garbage in the transparent area of the systrayicon where the piechart had passed by. It also turned out it really pays to read up-to-date Qt docs. I accidentally noticed the difference when reading the source. 🙂

Things learned:

  • when constructing an QImage you plan on using transparency on, always initialize it properly (using some fill you like).
  • when using QPainter on QImage, always use a alpha premultiplied format, for performance reasons.

I thought this new acquired knowledge justifies a new release. 🙂 So welcome v0.2 with the following changelog:

- fixed systray render bug leaving garbage in transparent area
- added 128px taskbar icon
- added transparent circle background, otherwise you don't see anything near the end ;)