Post test…

I just posted something and somehow, it doesn’t show up on the front page… There is no draft anymore. One moment I thought another post was lost. 😉 Until I found it back in the database. Some people are complaining about new posts not showing up immediately, but no one has investigated the matter thoroughly… I hope I don’t have a similar problem. 😉

UPDATE: It seems somehow, when publishing the draft, the timestamp didn’t get updated *rolling eyes* 😉

The Rename util

You have like a total bunch of pictures from several camera sources, each with their own file naming convention, and you still want to give them an appropriate uniform filename which puts them all in the proper order? If you’re on KDE, you immediately think of KRename. But if you’re less fortunate (like me most of the times ;)), you may want to find a windows alternative. Search no more! THE Rename util is the answer.

What’s wrong with MNG?

Recently, I wanted to make a simple animation to put on a webpage. I have a background image and a rendered 3D animation which should be on top of that.

When it comes to lossless image compression, PNG is my all-time favorite. It has layer support, full transparency, lossless non-patented compression, open format, … So the PNG-derived MNG would be a logical choice for animation, right? Wrong! 🙂 Almost none of the current browsers support it out of the box! Mozilla supported it for some time, but gave up due to bloated implementation. Konqueror is the only one supporting MNG! Can you believe that? 😕 Maybe you can, if you see the popularity of Flash. But what if you just want a simple animation? Is the loading of a full flash player justified for a simple animation? And why prefer a closed proprietary format if there are open ones? So I went on a quest for better formats. 🙂 Continue reading What’s wrong with MNG?

Stealing Harvard

Guess I have another movie to add to my list of movies that are “so stupid they’re actually good”. 😉

If you’re amused by Tom Green saying:

Duff: See those dead plants? I planted those.

or fan of Jason Lee:

John: Dave! John Plummer. Remember? You used to call me “asshole”?
David Loach: I call everybody “asshole.”
John: Yes, but I believe I was the first. We were five, maybe six at the time?
David Loach: Congratulations, asshole. Now get to the point.

then this movie is a must see for you. 😉 The quotes really don’t do much justice to the movie, but they’re the best I could find on IMDB. 😉

I must admit Tom Green can sometimes act “over the edge“, but in this movie he keeps control over himself.

Showing hierarchical category structure in sidebar

You may have noticed I upgraded my wordpress to 2.xx, once again. 😉 It involves reapplying all those tiny modifications you forgot you ever needed to tweak that. My changes to the default wordpress theme:

  • adjust feed url to leave out the “feed:” part. I understand they want a new protocol for binding feed links to feed reader applications… Sorry, that’s not what I expect from a feed link; it must be the effective link to the xml feed and nothing else!
  • Adjust post date format to show the time too.
  • Change the header image.
  • Add some page counter code to the footer.
  • Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting right now..

But anyhow, what this post is really about, is that I finally figured out how to have hierarchical categories! I thought it really depended on the theme and searched the php files to find out where I could hack some hierarchy in. But it turns out the default theme supports this by default! 🙂 That’s a nice surprise. I wonder why they don’t enable that by default? Why would I otherwise want to make a hierarchy in my admin and not see it on the front page?

Ok, almost forgot to explain how to enable it:

  • open sidebar.php
  • find “wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name&optioncount=1&hierarchical=0’);”
  • change the hierarchical param to 1

mm, somehow have the feeling I already did this tweak before….

Mobile rss

When I bought my phone, I asked the salesman whether it sported a built-in RSS feed reader. The poor chap never heard of RSS before. 😉

I searched SourceForge and came up with RssReaderMidlet. Feedburner seems to come out with an RSS reader too. It’s currently in closed beta, but still seems worth to keep an eye on..

Good timing

Yups, I have my phone for 2 weeks, actually 1 ‘usable’ week, and now its price dropped more than 100 euros! in the same store! 🙂 tow 😉
So anyone who doesn’t have a (decent) cell phone:
=> buy the W800i now! 😉