Project announcement: ClockCalendarWidget

Although you can hardly call this one a ‘project’, I still categorized it as such as it comes with a matching project on gitorious.

In corporate environments, administrators like to put users in jail, or with an euphemism: a sandbox. At our company, the day has come that we can’t double-click on the system clock to quickly look up a date, do a simple time measurement, etc.. Although I understand it is a bug in Windows XP, it is still annoying as **** since it’s quite handy and why wouldn’t I be allowed to do that when I am adminstrator of my own machine anyway.

A workaround is putting another tool in the system tray which yields the same functionality and why not improve it while we’re at it. Today I created a very basic first version: qt clock example enhanced with seconds hand and put a calendar aside. No configuration at the moment. I created the systray icon in Inkscape and it should scale nicely in larger systray environments.

I plan on making the colors configurable and a written time under the analog clock, with maybe a simple timing functionality as a side dish.