new app: Coingeek News

The Coingeek news site is my favorite source for blockchain news. I discovered it a few years ago but didn’t really visit regularly back then. I read the occasional shared post on twitter or one that popped into my google now feed. If I didn’t have time right away to read an article that peaked my interest, I visited the site some time later to catch up. However, most of the time, it turns out I had a really hard time finding back that article. On the site there is nowhere a timeline with the latest articles in a chronological order. Also, not all articles get posted on social media, or even if they’re posted, I might not notice them (I don’t feel like reading crypto twitter every day 🙄). So although I like the coingeek website, for me it’s not very practical. But hey, no big deal, I hear you say? you can’t read everything..?

I agree, until last year 🙂 During Coingeek Conference days, there are so many exciting announcements, you don’t want to miss any article! So for the last conference in October 2020 I quickly mashed together a prototype app so I could follow the news. It’s a very basic app right now and it doesn’t do much, but since I use it almost every day, I thought someone else might find it already useful too..

app screenshot

I do have some ideas to enhance it: favoriting, search (online/offline), post preview, filter using tags, …

The next coingeek conference is happening next week June 8 to 10 in Zurich, but also completely accessible online! So, without further ado, I’m releasing an open beta of the app as I speak. It is a cross-platform app written in flutter, but only available for android (for now?).

Join the beta from Android.
Join the beta from the web.

Enjoy the conference!