Time Machine for Linux: Back In Time

Recently, I watched a vid about Apple’s Time Machine and was quite impressed. For the first time in ages, I was considering to try out MacosX, after all, you have to give them credit: they just keep innovating as no other computer company. The plan was quickly abandoned though, when I discovered it wouldn’t run on my newly bought AMD monster-machine (post about that in queue ;)).

Anyhow, I searched some alternatives and somehow nothing as user-friendly showed up.. Until today I stumbled upon the solution by accident while I was checking out LinuxJournal’s tech tips! Quite interesting/entertaining stuff there btw. 🙂 I’m talking about about Back In Time and considering the Ubuntu dev, it even has a KDE4 gui, yay! 🙂

Check out the LJ screencast and the LifeHacker article.

Best. Plugin. Ever.

I was trying to watch a vid on a website which was quicktime only. Since I’ve had some trouble a few days ago to play a wmv file on a windows media only site, I decided to give the firefox mplayer plugin a try. I had heard of it before but never found a compelling reason to install it. Until now. It just plays _everything_! I can’t believe how I could live so long without it. 🙂 Or maybe because 99% of the web’s vids are flash? 😉 (which works, of course)

Here is the supported formats list:
Window Media: wmv, avi, asf, wav and asx
QuickTime: mov and smil
MPEG Video and Audio: mpeg and mp3
Ogg Vorbis: ogg
AutoDesk FLI: fli and flc
Vivo: vivo
Real Player: ram and rm