Channel list reordering

Finally implemented this one (got tired of having to scroll/search every time I want to switch between Kanaal2 and VT4 😉 ). Instead of providing a separate setup dialog for rearranging channels I just added an editing mode to the default gui. I also got rid of my sorting proxy model which makes the model more simple yet less flexible. I think it is still flexible enough and that the previous level of flexibility was overkill. 😉 The screenshot is on windows with fake data. 🙂 Somehow my application icon got lost in the conversion. It’s crappy (programmer’s art) anyway. 😉

KTvTune channel list editing mode

Roadmap / planned features

I wrote a few points down as a way to structure my thoughts. It was never really intended to publish as a road map, but publishing gives everyone an idea where this project is heading. 🙂

This is a list of things I see being implemented by version 1.0. The order in the list also approximately reflects the order of implementation as basic features seem to correspond to easy implementation. 🙂 (aside from the fact that almost everything in this app is quite trivial ;))

  1. channel setup
    • import from xawtv
    • start from europe-west defaults
    • reordering
  2. simple tuning
    • sequential tuning with mouse wheel
    • direct select with keypad, visually and physically
    • direct select with list; this is channel editor without editing func 🙂
  3. configurable commands
    • for viewing, recording, playing..
  4. recording
    • configurable rec path
    • scheduled recording with at
    • on the fly recording by streaming the video to file and starting a player on the output file
    • time shifting: same as above, but start paused player 🙂
    • somehow use vlc’s save stream option somewhere..?
  5. playback of recorded movies
    • show list using the configurable rec path
  6. transcoding
    • show list of all recordings using the the configurable rec path
    • save long lasting recordings as mpeg4 to conserve space
    • use transcode 😉

tuning trouble

I used to borrow a friend’s Hauppauge WinTV card (bt878 chipset) for tv viewing until I finally bought my own Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 . I went for the PVR series as I figured recording would be much more convient (pvr series comes with a hardware MPEG2 encoder).

In the past I had used the brooktree wintv card under linux which was really a joy since it worked out of the box along with all available soft (after trying xawtv, motv, (whatever-)tv, tvtime, etc.. I settled with KdeTV (formerly kwintv)). It even seemed the card was better supported under linux than under windows. I figured the pvr series would be supported as well as it seemed to be a fairly popular card for HTPCs. Which turned out to be slightly nuanced. 🙂
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Dutch Boten Anna

When I first heard the intriguing (at least to geeks I guess ;)) song Boten Anna, I couldn’t help hearing resemblence with some West-Flemish (my dialect) words. Soon I had a funny West-Fl version of (at least,) the beginning of the song. While I didn’t execute the implementation of it, I wasn’t surprised to see a Dutch guy has done it, it is so typical for them. 😉

Also, it seems the Flemish are good at ripping of the rip-off 🙂

Pillow fighting while announcing Friends

Last week I was starting my dinner with tv on and as Veronique De Kock was announcing Friends I suddenly heard some girl giggling and Veronique reacting indignified. By the time I had a chance to look up, the only thing I saw left were some feathers as proof of some ‘cat fight’. 🙂 It certainly did not seem like a planned event, a few planned seconds later, the series took off.

I was wondering what was going on and if anyone else noticed that. 🙂

So today I get zita news in my mailbox, claiming the presenter’s attack. Still don’t get it.. 🙂

P.S.: movies at link take very long time to load

liquid rescale open source implementation

In other gimp news.. You probably already saw the Content Aware Image Resizing movie on youtube. I read somewhere the guy was hired by adobe a few days after his initial presentation. I don’t know whether it’s true, he seems to work for Mitsubishi. 🙂 But that didn’t stop some guy to make an open source implementation in the form of a gimp plugin. It’s a public paper after all! 🙂