Mobistar on the road

One of the first things I tried when I got my cell phone, was using it to connect my laptop to internet. We happened to be on vacation in the middle of nowhere (which Limburg is to most Belgians 😉 ) so it was the ideal situation to try out my brand new GPRS subscription. 🙂 I had no idea where to start, let alone which proxy servers etc to configure. Surprisingly enough, I actually managed to find some info through the Orange World portal (which I first had to enable an account for) which, combined with some info I found on the internet with the clumsy built-in browser, enabled me to connect my Opera browser to the internet, yay!
I used the Mobile Network Wizard that came with the rest of the Sony Ericsson tools. I needed my data cable back then, but figured this was only a matter of configuration to get it going over bluetooth.
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Mobile rss

When I bought my phone, I asked the salesman whether it sported a built-in RSS feed reader. The poor chap never heard of RSS before. 😉

I searched SourceForge and came up with RssReaderMidlet. Feedburner seems to come out with an RSS reader too. It’s currently in closed beta, but still seems worth to keep an eye on..

Good timing

Yups, I have my phone for 2 weeks, actually 1 ‘usable’ week, and now its price dropped more than 100 euros! in the same store! 🙂 tow 😉
So anyone who doesn’t have a (decent) cell phone:
=> buy the W800i now! 😉

Hi Mobistar. Bye Mobistar.

I didn’t even make my first call and I’ve already had it with Mobistar.. For 3 WORKDAYS already, I’m waiting for my cell’s SIM card to be activated!! What kind of service is that to NEW customers?? I could as well cancel my subscription and switch to Proximus.

Mattiesworld meets Orangeworld

It finally happened! I bought a cell phone. 🙂 The mobile market is just HUGE. There is a huge number of available models, even within one company! I was astonished. 🙂 I tried the Nokia site and the Sony Ericsson site, whether they could help me out which profile I have. Nokia and SE seem like the major brands to me. I don’t know how big SE is, but somehow I felt comfortable with these 2. They didn’t seem to help much though…

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