Open source photo management

While looking at a Gtk+ 2.8 release announcement, I ‘discovered’ an app to manage your digital photographs. But then I remembered we already have digiKam :D. Still I’m surprised at the progress that has been made in the last year. I remember looking for such an app, ‘Adobe PhotoAlbum alternative’, some time ago, and I didn’t find anything decent back then.

Flashy web

we just can’t deny it. ShockWave Flash is a well established web technology. I am really not an expert in web development, but I’ve always had some reservations towards Flash. Maybe because I’ve never been a great MacroMedia fan ;). I always had the impression that Flash development was reserved for the people who were willing to buy the right MacroMedia tools (or for people who don’t know how to design a site properly ;)). Peter enlightened me this is not the case anymore :). Continue reading Flashy web

The hurricane relief paypal account story

Quite an interesting story 🙂

To temporarily get SA up, I bought some crappy hosting on a Dreamhost plan, which had an absolutely painfully idiotic name like “THE ULTRA SUPER AWESOMNATOR INSANITY WEBHOSTING MEGAPLAN 2000.” It made me feel intensely embarrassed, but sometimes we have to sacrifice our humility in times of crisis, not that I had any pride to begin with.