Suse 10.0 install story

Wednesday night, I installed Open SuSE 10.0. What originally was planned as a quick basic install before going to bed, ended up in a 7h install marathon (download time included though ;)). First of all: I’m really impressed with the quality SuSE delivers. What about ubuntu? I’m not a Gnome fan so I tried Kubuntu 5.10. The few hours I tried Suse already gave me a better user experience! Here’s the full story.. Continue reading Suse 10.0 install story

Opera CEO interview

Hi, I’m cleaning up my drafts which means deleting since a lot of them are outdate. 🙂 I’m posting some things anyway for personal reference or people not up to date or bored to death (make your choice).
First in line is an Opera CEO interview. Always nice to read. 🙂
Also you might have noticed that Opera has started to provide weekly builds. Never thought that would be happen, but then again, I also didn’t expect it to become free. 🙂 While poking around there, you might also be interested to know about this one.