yes, that’s how Windows makes you jump like half a meter in the air after just having enjoyed a nice movie. Normally, all Windows sounds are disabled in my setup, they’re annoying. However, Windows still seems to find a reason from time to time to bug me with its beeps. Usually at a moment that I least expect it. ..
A beep wouldn’t bother that much if it were just a simple PC speaker beep (which is usually not that loud). But in today’s windowses, this seems somehow to be replaced by a wave or at least it’s routed through the sound daemon (so if your volume happened to be on the high side, you’re beeped). The only situation in which this seems handy to me, is when you’re working remotely and you somehow like to punish your ears with system sounds. Anyway, I believe in a standard setup they should leave a PC beep a PC beep or, even better, effectively don’t produce sounds when the user selects a “no sounds” sound scheme!

Anyway.. so how to get rid of it?

Simple, the beep is actually caused by a system service (it’s hidden from the services screen). So you can disable it by typing:

sc config beep start= disabled

or if you want to stop it temporarily, use the “net start/stop” commands.

Remember, disabling the service, does not stop it, so it only becomes effective on next reboot.

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