Good timing

Yups, I have my phone for 2 weeks, actually 1 ‘usable’ week, and now its price dropped more than 100 euros! in the same store! 🙂 tow 😉
So anyone who doesn’t have a (decent) cell phone:
=> buy the W800i now! 😉

2 thoughts on “Good timing”

  1. wow very cool, after some research I found it actually has a Flash Lite 1.1 player installed — doesn’t mention that in the specs.

  2. yes, the background image seems a little clean flash movie by default…
    correction, I checked the theme in the theme designer, and it’s an animated gif , d’uh 🙂 (it looks very smooth though!)
    ok, so I’ll have to add another feature on the list to try out 😉

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