Channel list reordering

Finally implemented this one (got tired of having to scroll/search every time I want to switch between Kanaal2 and VT4 😉 ). Instead of providing a separate setup dialog for rearranging channels I just added an editing mode to the default gui. I also got rid of my sorting proxy model which makes the model more simple yet less flexible. I think it is still flexible enough and that the previous level of flexibility was overkill. 😉 The screenshot is on windows with fake data. 🙂 Somehow my application icon got lost in the conversion. It’s crappy (programmer’s art) anyway. 😉

KTvTune channel list editing mode

3 thoughts on “Channel list reordering”

  1. what about a swap-function (switching between last and one-but-last active channel), it’s used a lot on regular tv’s as well…

  2. Every time I see the button on a remote, I’m thinking: ‘Nice feature’. However… I never think of using it :-), I guess I’m not smart enough to remember what was the previous channel 🙂

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