Telemeter plasmoid update

This week I’ve been plasmafying my telemeter widget. I’m documenting the stuff I learn along the way in my personal page over at the kde community wiki.

Here’s a first screenshot of the plasmoid in action in its natural habitat:

Telemeter plasmoid

Notice the change in looks (ditched the qneedleindicator in favor of a native plasmoid widget Plasma::Meter). I’ll do a blog post later to detail the changes. It shows a fetch error as it accesses the webservice with invalid credentials.

3 thoughts on “Telemeter plasmoid update”

  1. Hi,

    Any updates on your telemeter plasmoid ? I’m very interested in a working version for kde 4.5.5 (under pc-bsd).

  2. thanks for reminding me.. 🙂 yes, it actually just works on KDE 4.4+ but I was having trouble packaging the correct openssl on the build service. Maybe I should just start with a source release..
    I will take another look next week!
    Currently, there is also no kwallet support yet.

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