Ctrl alt del

Sounds familiar? Well, probably, you think you know… but did you know it’s actually a web cartoon? =) It’s one of my favorites! I wanted to start an archive to be able to read them offline, so this evening I wrote a little spider proggie to leech them. I won’t put it online because I don’t want to kill his banner revenues 😉
You could probably leech it anyway using some of the generic spiders (HTTrack is an excellent open-source one), but I wanted to keep it clean and even more, have some fun with the great Apache Httpclient library. 😉 It’s really an amazing library!

Flashy web

we just can’t deny it. ShockWave Flash is a well established web technology. I am really not an expert in web development, but I’ve always had some reservations towards Flash. Maybe because I’ve never been a great MacroMedia fan ;). I always had the impression that Flash development was reserved for the people who were willing to buy the right MacroMedia tools (or for people who don’t know how to design a site properly ;)). Peter enlightened me this is not the case anymore :). Continue reading Flashy web