To wordpress or not?

That was the question that delayed me in starting a blog 🙂 The alternative would have been Nucleus. It has a good reputation AND it’s Belgian 😉 Still, I went for WordPress. At least, for now. I have already some experience with it, and it seems extensible, so why not. To be sure, I first looked up whether it would be possible to import the wordpress posts easily into Nucleus. It seems it can be done.


For some time already, I felt the need to share my little techy things with the world from time to time. Now it has finally happened: the conception of matties blog.
In this blog, I plan to share some daily ‘techy’ rants. Things I’m surprised of, things I want everyone to know (because they should ;)), things that really frustrated me, things I put together… As a side effect, I have a log for myself to find things back later 😉

Hope you Enjoy