Go G..

or *geee*? 🙄 Google seems to want a piece of the IM cake. Mja, can’t blame them, they don’t want to feel left out I guess ;). I read about it some time ago. A colleague told me today, the first version seems to be released. Google Talk. Right…. maybe, people will start asking for each others gmail account instead of their MSN account. I always hate it when people ask for my “chat account”, by which they mean, MSN.

I guess it started with the client… For some reason, I’m allergic to MSN Messenger. It’s just not a client for me. Luckily, there are some nice alternatives, like Gaim or through some MSN/Jabber gateway using your favorite Jabber client (I love Psi! :)).
Also the whole thing about the closed protocol doesn’t make me any happier. Of course, there is jabber. But who wants to use it, who has even heard about it?! It seems there is finally some light at the end of tunnel, because Google Talk uses the Jabber protocol.
The only reason MSN is so popular, is because it is preinstalled on MS Windows. But everyone knows Google. Everyone wants a GMail account. And of course, everyone wants to chat ;). So, maybe, finally time for a change!

mmmm… enough ranting for today, time to sleep!

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