ilead popup?

Some time ago I opened my site and got a popup! I couldn’t believe my eyes. 😉 Searched the net and found some forum threads about an “IE only” problem and that I had to run HijackThis and stuff. Didn’t seem very reliable info to me, but I tried it anyway, and it seemed to have stopped..
Yesterday I got it again. Searched again. Seems some other people are reporting about this nasty popup too. But it seems to be the counter..? Et tu, Nedstat?? Well for what’s left of Nedstat. 😉 Time to get rid of nedstat and use some google analytics, I guess..

2 thoughts on “ilead popup?”

  1. Yeah, you are right, I had the same problem.
    I got rid of the webstats4u counter and I am using google analytics.
    (it is difficult to get an account though).

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