Linux shines on Asm’05 compo

Did you know last year’s Assembly 4k intro compo‘s winner was a Linux demo?! Luckily I have a linux box now. 😉 However, when trying to run the demo, I got a segmentation error. But as in true linux spirit, even the source code was included! So I tried to compile.. no luck of course. 😉 But after changing the make file to use another gcc, removing some directive which my gcc version didn’t seem to know and installing the SDL devel package (and its dependencies) and the NASM package, I managed to compile! Compressing failed but of course this didn’t matter. I ran it and it ran fine (still happy that my 3D acceleration works ;)). Afterwards I ran the precompiled binary and it did run now, so it was probably because of some missing packages that it failed to run at first.

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