Password troubles?

When trying to download something, post a comment on a forum, etc.. Do you ever wonder, or do trial and error with all your passwords, or even overstress your brain, trying to remember which login/password/email address you used on that site? I have it a lot. Or actually had. 🙂

Since a year or so, I’m using KeePass. A really nifty and handy tool to keep track of your passwords. Since I use it, I’m also using more secure passwords. For new accounts, I let KeePass generate it. It’s random, so a bit hard to remember all passwords by heart. This can be a bit of a problem if you need your password on someone else’s pc, so having it on USB stick or in some mailbox can be handy. 🙂

Now I still didn’t come to the point of my post. 🙂 I always found it a pity that KeePass was only available for Windows. Every program I’m used to that doesn’t have a viable alternative on Linux keeps me away from Linux! Today I discovered that’s one less again. 🙂 Have a look at KeePassX, the linux version of KeePass!

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