Google goes on…

From time to time, Google just keeps surprising me. The innovative projects just keep coming. This time it’s Google’s Sketchup that got my attention. It’s another one of those products they bought in and modified it to integrate with some other google technology.

So this time you can model your own house and put it in Google Earth. 🙂 What really caught my attention is the ease of use of this program! When you try the push/pull tool for the first time, you just can’t stop experimenting because it’s so lovely to see it in action. 😉 Be sure to check out the features and video tutors.
The pro version would support more import and export options. Too bad Google doesn’t release more products for Linux too..

Another project I ran into is Google Calendar. Seems worthwhile to follow-up..

Some time ago, I posted a link to crop circles on google maps. It seems there’s a site totally dedicated to all weird/interesting locations on google maps. It’s like visiting all kind of special places virtually. 😉 For fun I did a crop circle search again, and it seems there are quite some matches. 😉

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