Audacity’s “cold”-play

Last weekend I did a little experiment. A friend sent me some lyrics and piano score for a song by Coldplay and I thought I’d give it a try for fun. 🙂 It actually started as a way to test the recording/playback on that computer (there was a sound issue) and (un)fortunately, it ended like that too. 😉

Besides false notes on the piano and a crappy microphone, I stumbled upon a very weird problem with Audacity only, which caused me to pull open the case and start fumbling with switches on the motherboard. Recording went fine, but playback didn’t work while all other applications had no problem. Anyway, I won’t elaborate any more here, as I already did the full story on the Audacity forum.

Besides the stupid surround problem thingy, I actually learned some interesting news about audacity: I had been recording all afternoon erasing tracks & rerecording when it was just a tad off beat; thinking: it would be incredibly great if Audacity would just let me drag those tracks a few milliseconds earlier or later…. Only to realize a few hours later (when I was finished of course ;)), the beta already supports this… D’oh!!! Check out the nice “multiple clips feature”! One of the devs also told me upcoming versions will support DirectSound, which would pre-eliminate my original problem. 🙂

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