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  1. I have the full game here… personally I’m not as impressed as you. When I set it to full quality, the game doesn’t run smoothly at all. Main reason seems to be the motion blur or more precisely, the excess of it. Turning that one option off and the game rides again like it should. The effect is so exagerated that it doesn’t add to the overall game-experience. On the contrary, you just want to turn it off ASAP… a real pitty if you ask me. Why on earth have they changed the implementation of that effect that was perfect in Most Wanted?

    Just for you interest, my current system is an Athlon64 3500+ with 2x512MB DDR400, a Geforce7800 GT OC (@ GTX-speeds) and it runs F.E.A.R. smoothly (41 FPS) @ full quality 1680×1050, 2XAA, 16xAF (20″ widescreen 🙂 ). If you look at that, then NFS Carbon is definitely bad written… :/

    You really should check out some benchmarks of the demo, they speak for themselves:


    If I make abstraction of the above complaints I really enjoy the game, but I just don’t think it’s a step ahead of it’s predecessor.

    Happy racing & cu sometime soon,


  2. jow tsjoene, didn’t know you were reading my crap, lol
    I didn’t notice the overblurring in the demo or lower framerates, but then again, I’m on ATI 😛 ( cfr. review ;))

    I won’t say I am *that* impressed by nfsc, but because of my very low expectations (I believe EA made the ultimate NFS when they released NFS:MW), it turned out to be better than expected. They managed to give the gameplay a twist, so that it still got me interested gameplay wise. The 3D engine for nfs:mw was fine for me, so I don’t need any improvements there anytime soon (I can’t run nfs:mw at full detail). Although excessive blur can of course be annoying too, so they probably should have left that the same.

    You would probably be shocked if you see the quality at which I play (@800×600 on 19″ :p) but you know my rule: framerate dictates gameplay! 😉

  3. I know, I follow that rule too… that plus the fact that it is total crap is why I turned off the motion blur. Btw, when are you planning to upgrade your system?

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