Belgian government fights spam

The Belgian government have set up a web site to inform its citizens about spam and how to avoid it. I think it’s a good initiative as it states some truly useful information a lot people probably don’t know. 🙂

On the first page already (probably the only page most people read ;)), they state 4 basic rules (which I support 100%):

  1. Be careful who you give your address to.
  2. Don’t reply to dubious emails.
  3. When publishing your address on a site, make sure it is ‘camouflaged’.
  4. Protect your computer: use a firewall and virus scanner.

I think they deserve praise for the way they managed to condense the whole spam story and what you can do about it in just one informative page. 🙂

If you understand Dutch or French (what about the German speaking Belgians? :)), read on here.

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