Gaim 2.0

Gaim 2.0 is _finally_ there! Sorry, I should say Pidgin by now, but who knows? 😉 I think the Pidgin thing is, apart from its spelling (I always make mistakes causing me to fail finding the homepage ;)), actually a good thing:

  • Nice(r) connotation.
  • Better logo.
  • Bye bye law suits 🙂
  • Overall, I believe this is an excellent release (understatement). The only thing I found better in the latest beta I tried, was the available icon in the systray. It used to be just a green circle. Now, they added a speech balloon to it (please make that optional ;)). The user interface/usability has improved tons, so I might become tempted to drop Psi. Won’t happen any time soon though. 😉

    Note: you might have problems accessing the Pidgin website. It seems the release is not officially announced yet and they are probably migrating the old site first before doing so. First post, LOL!

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