a few site stats

Since May 2006 I switched to Google Analytics for site stats. Tonight I thought I’d take a look at the progress of last 8 months (timeframe TF2) in comparison to the 8 months before that (TF1). It was to be expected to have more traffic in TF2 than in TF1. Generally, this was also the case, although I was kind of surprised that TF1 did better during the 3rd and 4th month… No apparent explanation for that (both TF’s had a comparable number of posts during that period, although I can imagine the general public finds an ipod a more interesting subject than programming Qt ;)).

In general there were 30% more pageviews in TF2 (3000 in 8 months, peanuts, I know ;))
Now for the fun stuff:

  • visitors: came from 85 countries. 1. USA 2. Belgium 3. Germany
  • OS: Windows -10% in favor of Mac users. Linux stays the same.
  • browser: I’m happy that the vast majority of visitors does not use Internut Exploiter. Firefox is the big winner here. Opera third..
  • screen resolution: 47 different ones!! It seems still a lot of people use 1024×768 (25%). An equal amount uses 1280×1024. Some guy browses on a 800×5000 screen res!!

Ok, that’s it for today. Signing off..

oh btw, Frets on Fire turns out to be pretty addictive. The world chart really gives an incentive to keep practicing 😉

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