Opera 10: it’s unbelievable

Opera 10 seems to bring ground-breaking news for people using Opera Mail. It seems they finally got hold of the resources needed to implement the 2 most asked features ever! Behold:

  • Rich text email composition
  • Remove mail from server after X days

Can you believe it??!! After all these years of denial? I for one surely didn’t see that one coming. 🙂 Read the full changelog here.

2 thoughts on “Opera 10: it’s unbelievable”

  1. ROFL: delete after X days…

    I guess pop3retriever is ready to die (or shall I keep it as a backup solution…, in combination with a mbox-reader ;-))

  2. rofl idd 🙂

    knowing Opera’s release cycle, I wouldn’t expect a v10 release in the first months, so don’t throw it away just yet 😉

    making backups is never a bad thing, but I think for my parents, I’ll probably stop using pop3retriever.

    but until then, long live pop3retriever! 😉

    PS: I also wouldn’t count on an mboxreader release in the near future 😉

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