Camera paranoid

I wish I could say they were just polaroids 😉 Lately, I have noted a surge in speed radars. But not just anywhere: on the highway! It’s really frightening: one day there’s nothing, next day you’re flashed before you know it! 😉 I, as a true Belgian citizen, am not used to such an agile deployment! 😉 And there isn’t even a warning. Yes, you can try the official channel, but it lags behind and is not complete as municipalities can install radars on their own initiative. Yes, you can try the community, but it seems down due to technical problems.. This one seems interesting, but looks like it is more dedicated to mobile radars. So, if no one knows, go to your neighbors. That’s right, Dutch people have been exposed, hence obsessed, by speed radars much longer than Belgian people. They are so friendly to lend their infrastructure to the Belgians to help lighten the burden. 🙂
But there is still room for improvement: I for one, would like to be able to subscribe to a customized RSS feed which would alert me of new radars.

Anyway, here is a list of camera’s newly installed on the roads I travel the most. I didn’t mention the ones on the southern part of the R0 (around waterloo, the big turn) as this is clearly indicated with road signs. There is also one around Tervuren 4 armen crossroads but I don’t remember the exact location..

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Update: Apparently, I underestimated the media once more. 🙂 A nice summary of the upcoming speed radars, separated nicely in a highway and “rural” category can be found here. Here the google map:

Grotere kaart weergeven
As you can see, there are also a few planned around Kortrijk!

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