ADB over Ethernet v0.6

v0.6  2015-07-22
+ added "support me" button. Ad loading is on-demand, 
  maintaining a fast ad-free experience during normal usage.

v0.5  2015-06-22
* also check root access on resume (nullpointer exc 
  fix on non-rooted devices)

v0.4  2015-06-17
+ detect ip at every resume instead of only at startup
* better handle network transitions:
  - detect multiple ip's
  - filter invalid ip

v0.3  2015-06-15
- use webview to show help since Android TV has no browser 
  (requires extra internet permission)
- nicer icon for tablets
- dark theme easier on the eyes

v0.2  2015-05-23
check for root before running commands to avoid app crash 
on non-rooted devices

v0.1  2015-05-21
initial release

2 thoughts on “ADB over Ethernet v0.6”

  1. Great job. Thank you, Mattie ! Mind sharing what needs to be done to enable the adb over the ethernet permanently, like AmazonTV has? Preferably without your app or to have your app starting automagically ?

    1. thanks moisha. Having the app enable adb at bootup is a great suggestion. I will include this in a future release.

      Like you mention, some roms have this functionality built-in, however, if your rom doesn’t have it, you need some app

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