OnScreenClock v0.2.0

v0.2.0  2016-02-15
+ clock is now resizable
+ automatically restart clock service on app upgrade
* ClockService is now a foreground service to prevent cleanup by the system (when it tries to free up resources)
+ outline preference
* only start clock at boot when enabled
+ added support activity
+ added donation activity
* prevent crash when cancelling position dialog and the device somehow does not provide a default value
+ show version in-app

2 thoughts on “OnScreenClock v0.2.0”

  1. On a Sony Bravia XBR-65X850C:
    Resize doesn’t work
    Location control doesn’t work
    Outline doesn’t work.

    Color control and brightness control would be appreciated.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love the app.

    1. Hi Harvey,

      thanks for your feedback. Which version are you using?

      I am curious about the control problems you mention. For example, to
      resize the clock you have a minus and a plus button. You mean,
      pressing that button does not change the size? Did you try keeping
      your remote button pressed?

      If you are willing to join the beta program, I could try something out
      to find the problem/fix. Is that okay for you? You can join the beta
      program here:


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