Opera 10: it’s unbelievable

Opera 10 seems to bring ground-breaking news for people using Opera Mail. It seems they finally got hold of the resources needed to implement the 2 most asked features ever! Behold:

  • Rich text email composition
  • Remove mail from server after X days

Can you believe it??!! After all these years of denial? I for one surely didn’t see that one coming. 🙂 Read the full changelog here.

Opera 9.5 released!

Yes, finally I will be able to use the latest flash player again in Opera on linux. 🙂
For me personally, the highlights in this release are:

  • Support for latest flashplayer
  • Even faster
  • Revamped mail backend. Might wanna reevaluate the newsfeed fetching performance. (It had become unacceptable with 50+ feeds)
  • Builtin bookmark syncing
  • HTML 5 support
  • Dragonfly: web dev tools

Read the full changelog here.


I’m not exactly a WordPress fan although, yes, you noticed right, this blog runs on it. 🙂 I’ve been experimenting with (and implementing) Drupal for a while now and believe it is my web platform / framework of choice, no doubt. If I would ever upgrade / reimplement my blog, it will be Drupal. Although, maybe I would not recommend it to a newbie. It remains a fact that WordPress “just works” out of the box for blogging as it was targeted for that job from the beginning (although Drupal should improve on that issue by grace of install profiles). So, if you just want to blog, wordpress is still a valid alternative and with its latest incarnation (v2.5) there’s even more charm added too it. See it for yourself.

PS: it seems my own wordpress coppermine gallery plugin is now officially deprecated 🙂 I never took time to write something up, so I should probably even better refrain from it now 😉

google video resume bug?

one of the features I like about google video is that you can click in the middle of the progress bar and it will start playing the vid from there without having to buffer all the previous. I use this feature when watching long presentation (or some keynote 😉 watch this if you still haven’t!) and I don’t have time to watch through in one go, I can return later and resume where I left off. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work anymore??! I used it yesterday, and today, no go! Is this a bug? Are you experiencing it too? Am I going crazy? 😉

Also, it seems the download feature has been removed…

which php.ini?

ok, so you need to modify php.ini to change some php setting but you’re on this ill-managed cpanel server having like tens of them.. So which one is the active one? 🙂
Just ask php itself 😉 :
php -i | grep php.ini