I updated my system page. Yup, I finally bought the 2 SATA drives I would hook up to my onboard RAID controller, like a few years ago. 😉 I picked the model carefully: a western digital 250GB with 16MB cache. The drive was so popular that I had to wait a few weeks before it became available again.

Had some problems connecting though. I read on the SATA site that SATA-II would be fully backwards compatible with SATA-I. So I was convinced my SATA-I wouldn’t cause any trouble. Until I tried it of course 😉 After hours of wasting time, I discovered on the via forum that WD had a thread announcing that some ‘old chipset’ were having trouble with the drives. Of course, my chipset was amongst them.
Luckily the drive can be put in SATA-I compatibility mode. I configured a bootable mirroring raid on it and installed XP for the first time (yep, I was still running that good old win2K ;)). Very fast hard drives and finally kick-ass redundancy! 🙂

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