Windows XP Auto logon

Yesterday, I tried to copy something over network. Got the login prompt, entered my password… password wrong! I tried all kind of combinations, I was struck. I went to my profile settings to learn that I didn’t set a password yet, LOL. So I set my password, but on the next reboot I realise that the autologon feature does not work anymore, logical… but on my Windows 2000 box, there used to be a setting for that which I couldn’t find in Windows XP. I couldn’t immediately believe they would not sacrifice security over convenience in a Windows OS 😉 so I searched the net.. and indeed, you can simply call up this settings panel by running:

control userpasswords2

Long live unattended fast boot/login times! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Windows XP Auto logon”

  1. Dude, autolog in and Raid (congrats)…
    your machine will boot faster than you wake up in the morning 😉

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