why openSUSE 11

As you might have guessed by the countdown on the right, I’m anxiously awaiting the opensuse 11 release. IMO, the revamped package management system will be THE killer feature. Not only will it have the fastest dependency solver on the planet, by using lzma compression (cfr. 7zip) it will have smaller file sizes yielding even faster installs!

Even though this release will be a .0 release, I will be eagerly upgrading as every time I install new software / patches, I am reminded how fed up I am with 10.3’s package system. This is my only complaint about openSUSE 10.3! They claim it should not be a problem for average users with not much repositories. So now I know: even on linux I’m not a ‘normal’ user. 😉 (which was confirmed by a suse guy @ fosdem looking at my repository list ;))

9 days to go, mmmmm 🙂

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