I have been a long time satisfied user of Grisoft’s Antivirus suite, for my parent’s computer actually. What’s important for me is a good configurable email scanner and a fast on-access scanner. Until 7.5 AVG seemed OK in those aspects. However, last week, I upgraded AVG 8 as I thought this was just a regular upgrade. Little did I know they vistafied the crap out of (or rather in) it. The interface is dumbed down so you always need to use the advanced options menu. They added some bloat features like the link scanner[1] and antispyware stuff. But worst of all: it slows down the entire system! When even my mother complains the system has slowed down since the upgrade, you can be sure it is a remarkable slowdown 😉 I am guessing this must be a bug, maybe it does not occur on all systems. I can’t believe they would make such a jump downwards. In the meanwhile, I am looking for alternatives. Avira’s Antivir seems quite okay..?

[1] fortunately, you can remove this feature through a custom installer command

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  1. A few days ago I installed AVG 8.0 and immediately began having problems with my computer. Especially with applications freezing. A half hour ago i UNINSTALLED the sucker. I will rely on PC Tools threatfire for antivirus. Too hell with AVG 8.0!

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